Job Hub Consulting

JHC Recruitment Process

  • (Understandingthe client Organization) with regard to existing business activities, organizationstructure & culture and future growth plans.
  • (Mapping position specific competencies) including job title, deliverables, principal accountabilities, key result areas and other relevant details.
  • Media and Search target Plan) Keeping in mind the orientation, our engagement team will establish a search strategy to effectively target desired candidates.
  • (Evaluation) Once we have determined a mutual interest in pursuing specific candidates, we will contact them, apprise them of the opportunity and elicit their interest in the position. We will then evaluate them with the aim of determining a profile match with the job and understand the suitability and interest of candidates. We make an effective call to know the candidate inside out.
  • (Interviews) For the best qualified candidates, we will facilitate the interview process.
  • (Reference check) We will seek detailed references for the candidate you wish to hire.
  • (Post Recruitment follow up) We will do continuous follow-up with the candidates to get their feedback about the organization and how they are faring there.