Job Hub Consulting


In working with JHC as your recruitment outsourcing company, expect a full-service recruitment process experience like no other. We are the comprehensive solution for scalable and customizable recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and Job Hub Consulting. Let us be your trusted partner – and realize exceptional results.

JHC operates on the principle of providing true partnership to our clients, as well as bringing innovation to the recruiting process.

Our Mission And Vision

We want to be known as much for strong ethics as we are for reliability. We are on the way to setting a new industry benchmark by providing competitive, quality focused and result-driven services. JHC has deep and strong relationships with its clients. This partnership ensures a deep understanding of the client business which helps the team to attract the best talent in the industry in a focused manner.

JHC Associates believes people are its most valuable asset. It is proud of its consultants as it is a team of passionate professionals. We have a team of young, energetic professionals with a can-do attitude. JHC consultants do an end-to-end recruitment which makes their work exciting and they thrive to continuously improve and grow as they are completely responsible for the growth and quality!!